-International Environmental Project Olympiyad

20th INEPO


22nd International Environmental Project Olympiad

Dream a dream. . A dream which anyone from any nation, religion or race can join in and be a part of. And live with such a dream that everyone envies you. Everyone aims to be a part of you...
The aims of INEPO actually run parallel to the operations carried out by the United Nations Group. The 21st article of the declaration issued at 1992 Rio de Janeiro conference organized by the United Nations emphasizes the importance of youth and international cooperation. As environmental problems are worldwide, we have no choice but to cooperate at a global level. The International Environmental Olympiad takes place in Turkey in May.
The practical benefits of these projects can be summarized as follows:
-Participating in finding alternative, eco-friendly energy sources; developing projects to eliminate polluting agents
The preparation of groundwork for a recovery process
Above all, important steps are taken in the creation of friendships among countries.
-This is a great step taken in order to prevent warfare in the long term.
-Investments in weapons can then be directed to more humanitarian efforts.
The youngsters compete with each other to gain a place but ultimately everyone returns to their countries with a glad heart.
This is because there are other things which people gain from the competition. Students from different countries and cultures meet here, mingle and share their opinions.
This is the greatest reward.

The safety, happiness, and indeed continuation of this planet that we live on depend upon the implementation of the projects displayed at the Olympiad. The protection of each species on the planet, fresh air, clean drinking water, safe nutritional sources...
In short, a world which would be proud to hand over to our children.

This is our world. We have no other world!

The environment, which has extensively occupied the worlds agenda for almost 25 years, has started to attract the attention of each class of society without excluding any individual.
Sensitivity to environment and protecting the environment are now becoming a quality of common purpose of mankind in the world which has become global.
For a better future...

Since 1993, the students, from all over the world, who are at the ages of 13-19, have been studying to save the environment, which has been polluted by the adults brutally. The races, religions of these youths are different from one another but what they share in common is "Love of Environment".

45 countries in 2013
50 countries in 2012
50 countries in 2011
44 countries in 2010
41 countries in 2009
41 countries in 2008
35 countries in 2007
30 countries in 2006
23 countries in 2005
20 countries in 2003
22 countries in 2002
20 countries in 2001
21 countries in 2000
24 countries in 1999
24 countries in 1998
24 countries in 1997
20 countries in 1996
17 countries in 1995
13 countries in 1994
8 countries  in  1993
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